Cryo chamber


Cryotherapy is a new, quick and efficient therapy in the field of good feeling, health, beauty and regeneration after sports. It is carried out in a cryo chamber, which with the help of liquid nitrogen with a temperature of -195OC is cooling air which is then blown into the chamber. The duration of a therapy is 2-3 minutes.


The cryotherapy of the whole body activates a process in the brain which activates the freeing of adrenalin and endorphin into the blood circulation and because of this you will feel a sensation of happiness and strengthening. A defence mechanism in the body activates and accelerates the circulation of the blood and metabolism and consecutively increases the quantity of nutritive substances and oxygen in every healthy cell. The setting free of hormones and the blood circulation also increases.

The users report about efficient influences in case of chronical tiredness and depression, mood and sleep disturbances, improvements of skin problems, raise of the immune system, better results at losing weight, rheumatic syndromes, migraine, joint inflammations and regeneration after injuries and sports activities.



All phases of the cryo chamber operation are controlled by a computer – cooling and therapy phase, the preparation for the next therapy and the drying phase. The computer maintains a constant temperature during the whole therapeutic cycle which enables the maximum possible therapy effect. All the important data during the therapy phase – the desired and the current temperature, the remaining time until the end of the therapy and the oxygen quantity in the room – are shown on the computer display. This enables a statistics management – number of performed cryotherapies with one filling and the total number of therapies. Unlike competitive devices, the advanced software enables an easy handling where no prior knowledge and experiences about the settings is needed.



The cryo chamber is equipped with a number of safety systems. In case of an uncontrolled rise of the temperature there is a possibility of a manual blockade by the operator or the computer shuts the device down automatically. The device is also shut down by the computer if the desired temperature is not reached within the expected time.


The cryo chamber operates according to an innovative principle of cooling the air which is then blown into the chamber. The cooled air is evenly distributed inside the whole chamber and evenly cools the body. With this approach the effects on the body are essentially more active. Compared with the conventional chambers the same effects are reached at lower temperatures. The computer controlled process also enables an even cooling without causing temperature shocks, which improves the efficiency of the therapies even more with regard to the conventional chambers.

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