Nitrogen vessel


Low pressure nitrogen vessel. Useful for cryo systems, transportation, storing and supplying the cryo device. The vessel is easy to use. The wheels for moving and transporting to the place of charging are built into the vessel.

All valves and displays are easily accessible and clearly visible. The system enables the constant maintenance of a pressure of 1,5b. The inox case of the vessel provides long life expectancy.



  • Gross volume: 196 l
  • Net volume: 186 l
  • Loss of nitrogen per day: 1.9%
  • Settings for the pressure valve: 1,5b
  • Dimension: vessel diameter 508mm
  • Dimension of the supporting frame: 508mm
  • Height of the vessel: 1613mm
  • Weight of an empty vessel: 108kg
  • Maximal height of a full vessel: 259 kg

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